Pulse CAFM/FM Software


A comprehensive building/project management/maintenance software package.



Our Pulse CAFM (computer-aided facilities management) software is a comprehensive amalgamation of a building or array of buildings, its facilities and data. Its flexibility, versatility and compatibility makes it a useful tool for building or project management or maintenance teams.


Accurate Building Records and CAD drawings are an essential part of a building's portfolio & play a valuable role in all project work. Few people realise the full value of their information or understand how useful it can be. We work with what you have and comprehensively categorise all of your information to produce a detailed portfolio of your building/buildings. We compile data for your specific use in a structured manner, where we can produce detailed, presentable drawings enhanced with layers and features that facilitate navigation and ease of use (e.g. you can select which layer you want to see, such as ductwork or pipes). We also covert everything into a suitable web format for your convenience so that it can be viewed using standard free software such as adobe.


We sort through commissioning data, manufacturer's catalogues, photos, descriptions, maintenance & energy information, asset lists, controls, safety files, and more, where anything you want to find can easily and quickly be found by our search engine. Your property portfolio either runs on a hard drive or on the web, giving you easy instant online access at the click of a button. It runs on a simple web browser, where there is no specialist software nor license required for access to any element of the portfolio - all data is owned by the client.



tick Online Access

Our Pulse software can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, meaning access while you are on the move. You are not tied down for use on one computer.


tick Instant Navigation

The Pulse software structure was been designed to be simple: navigate by clicking the options displayed on the navigation panel; view documents at the click of a button; use the in-built search engine to find anything you want at the click of a button - this saves time and money.


tick Presentable

The software layout and other features, such as drawing layering, portray a clear view of what you want to show, which is ideal for presentations.


tick Intangible Data Storage

Since every element is stored electronically, there is no need for physical old-fashioned paper filing systems.


tick Multi-user

This software is not limited to use by one individual; instead, multiple users can access their property portfolio by simply logging in.


tick No Specialist Software

Pulse uses free universal software to run and works on pretty much any pc, therefore eliminating hassle. No training or knowledge is required to use Pulse.


tick Editable

Any file or description can be edited or updated simply by loggin in and changing it from there.