Project and Utility Billing Management Software

Make savings in energy consumption, breakdowns, and maintenance costs, from simple measures (reduce plant operating periods, optimising room temperatures, window openings, lamp changes, switching, draught proofing, etc) to capital measures (boiler/chiller replacements, insulation, windows, controls, lighting, PIR, heat recovery, solar panels, PVs, bio-mass, etc). See the payback periods and carbon reductions then monitor post implementation savings.


Plan plant replacements, reducing energy costs; manage breakdowns; optimise your maintenance using Business Focussed Maintenance regimes; categorise your Critical Systems; and manage and monitor your preventative maintenance activities.


The long-term cost and time savings are likely to be substantial and may include:

  • Savings in Consultancy Fees for additional survey work (which can easily amount to many thousands of pounds during the lifecycle of a building)
  • Increased quality of project work by the design & construction teams by having accurate information (they will know the type, size, construction standard, flow rate, design requirement etc of all the equipment installed)
  • Increased productivity from your FM Contractor by them having instant access to all relevant information (PPM requirements, sizes of filters, test data, serial numbers, contact details, etc)
  • Having access to all information to disseminate to anybody at any time
  • Reduced potential risks, particularly relevant with respect to H&S legislation
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Zoom into any part of your building and see what's above the ceiling, below the floor or where your nearest water main is

The following graph shows an annual saving of 25% of a typical original manual cost, by having easily accessible electronic record information:




This is a conservative estimate and typically relates to:



Any cost should easily be recouped in the long-run and Pulse will also provide greater compliance with legislation and good practice. It is not a nicety to have access to property information; it is essential in order to manage a property effectively.