Expert Witness Services

We specialise in resolving engineering problems and disputes by finding solutions, implementing remedial works, and agreeing costs via alternative Dispute Resolution and mediation where possible.

We often find clients embroiled in legal disputes, spending copious amounts of time and money on legal services without a technical solution. The way forward is always to define and agree appropriate remedial works with the defendant and implement the solution. As an independent Expert Witnesses, we survey the site, read the dispute documentation compile a Scott Schedule and develop a solution.

We regularly find the solution is obvious but missed in the turmoil of anguish, accusations and anxiety. Once found it becomes easy to reach agreement albeit costs can be difficult to agree.

Recent examples:

  • HWS Legionella outbreak – return pipe too far away and no means of pasteurising through TMV
  • Cold room temperatures (underfloor heating) – incorrect valve settings, large glazing but VRF system can supplement
  • Sump Pump noise and smell issues – pipe AV connection required and ventilation
  • Drainage leaks into office – push-fit pipework incorrectly supported £250K settlement through arbitration
  • Domestic sewage plant flooding garden – sump pump too big and no control box
Expert Witness Projects
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